Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Technology can be so confusing!

Technology is confusing I don't get it! I can't catch on and I'm not sure why. I'm in my 20's, I just graduated from college with a degree in television post-production and motion graphics. I'm great with computers and computer programs. I even worked for Harpo Studios, as in The Oprah Show. But when it comes to the Internet and all this social networking I'm lost.

I started Peach Prints and invitations company about a year ago to make some extra money during my last year of college. I found out I love to design invitations so I decided to try and make it a business. Everyone kept telling me I needed a blog. So I started this blog, which turned out to be a lot of fun. But now I have to promote this blog along with my company. My friends tell me join Twitter, that sounds easy enough, but what would I tweet about? And who would follow me? My friends also tell me to start a facebook page. I have a facebook page; I thought it was to connect with friends. I guess I will figure it out some day. Hopefully :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

GIVEAWAY Time Again!

You can win a Bat Pinata made by Pinata Queen and matching Bat Halloween Invitations created by Peach Prints!

To enter to win you have to check out Mom Start Contests. You must check out Mom Start, it is a awesome blog where you can find great product review, tips and giveaways!

Thanks to Mom Start for hosting a Peach Prints giveaway!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fort Building Fun!

How many of you made forts using couch pillows, kitchen chairs and old sheets as a kid? I know I did! There is something about forts as a kid that seemed so magical. Forts were fun to construct and more fun to deconstruct, usually by running through them.

Even though I think using ordinary objects found around the house, sparks great creativity and imagination. You must check out these toys designed for building forts.

I would imagine that Crazy Forts would be perfect for the child who likes toys like legos. Crazy Fort allows children to construct a tent using peg and stick style construction to create all types of fort designs.

Another great product would be Fortamajig Connectables by the Happy Kid Company. Fortamajig kids must use connecting fabric panels to create a fort.

So this weekend let the kids go wild give them permission to deconstruct the couch and construct a tent. Happy Tent Making!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Etsy is Awesome!

I discovered Etsy about 7 months ago. But I'm finding out I'm the last one to know about this wonderful market place for handmade goods. If you are one of few who have not discovered Etsy yet please check it out!

One cool features on Etsy is Etsy Treasury. Treasury is a place where members get to highlight some of their favorite things. Yesterday I got featured on a Treasury listing called "All Things Haunted"

Here is a picture of all the other cool things that are featured on Etsy Treasury with me.

The one item that I love on this treasury is The Great Pumpkin Dog Hat by Beantown Handmade

I'm such an animal lover and if I thought my new puppy would wear it I would snatch the hat up. Unfortunately he is a little bit of a spaz being he is only 5 months.
Ok, so I can't resist showing a picture of him.

He is just so CUTE!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Time For Halloween!

I guess now that kids are back in school and summer seems to be over, the next big thing to look forward to is Halloween. If you're the one on the block planning that big Spooktacular Halloween Party check out some of Peach Prints Halloween Invitations.

To purchase Peach Prints Halloween Invitations check out her etsy site at www.peachprints.etsy.com