Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Etsy is Awesome!

I discovered Etsy about 7 months ago. But I'm finding out I'm the last one to know about this wonderful market place for handmade goods. If you are one of few who have not discovered Etsy yet please check it out!

One cool features on Etsy is Etsy Treasury. Treasury is a place where members get to highlight some of their favorite things. Yesterday I got featured on a Treasury listing called "All Things Haunted"

Here is a picture of all the other cool things that are featured on Etsy Treasury with me.

The one item that I love on this treasury is The Great Pumpkin Dog Hat by Beantown Handmade

I'm such an animal lover and if I thought my new puppy would wear it I would snatch the hat up. Unfortunately he is a little bit of a spaz being he is only 5 months.
Ok, so I can't resist showing a picture of him.

He is just so CUTE!

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  1. So glad you like the Great Pumpkin! Thanks so much for mentioning us ;)