Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fort Building Fun!

How many of you made forts using couch pillows, kitchen chairs and old sheets as a kid? I know I did! There is something about forts as a kid that seemed so magical. Forts were fun to construct and more fun to deconstruct, usually by running through them.

Even though I think using ordinary objects found around the house, sparks great creativity and imagination. You must check out these toys designed for building forts.

I would imagine that Crazy Forts would be perfect for the child who likes toys like legos. Crazy Fort allows children to construct a tent using peg and stick style construction to create all types of fort designs.

Another great product would be Fortamajig Connectables by the Happy Kid Company. Fortamajig kids must use connecting fabric panels to create a fort.

So this weekend let the kids go wild give them permission to deconstruct the couch and construct a tent. Happy Tent Making!

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